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Ralph Katz


last updated 4/15/2021


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While there is no particularly authoritative site that lists all manufacturers, this one is reasonable:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_clarinet_makers


The instruments list below is over a decade old, with some more recent edits.



C Clarinets


These are the ones I know about. Prices may be old. Prices last updated 10/26/08.


e-mail me to add/modify information on this page at: dumpster605(at)tds(dot)net


Amati 351C $579


Allora / Arioso ASC105 $995


Noblet 45C


Berkeley C under $500 I think.  Haven't seen a reasonable review of these yet.


Buffet E11C $1694

Tom Puwalski calls his Backun-ized E11C "awesome", but this added $1600+/- to the cost.


Buffet RC $4499 special order


Martin Foaghttp://www.musik-foag.de/


Forte C $874

A grenadilla instrument with silver-plated keys for this price?


Stephen Fox C $4200CDN ($3800US)

There will be a substantial wait after placing your order. Construction won't begin until receipt of your down-payment (about half the cost of the instrument.) The coolest thing about ordering a custom instrument are the options: C#/F# trill, LH Eb/Ab, adjustable thumbrest, Stubbins register mechanism, Low D, Basset, synthetic material, custom tuning needs, etc.


Leblanc Spirit


Leblanc Esprit


Leblanc Concerto


Leblanc Opus


Leitner & Kraus (German or Reform Boehm keying - may not be available)


Lyons C (plastic keys)


Orsi CL-21FB EV


Orsi CL-22D (German System)


Orsi CL-ALBSYS (Albert C or Bb)


Orsi CL-9SM (Mueller C or Bb)


Patricola CL7C $2450


Ridenour RCP-570c $1195


=> Ripamonti 80-1R / Ebonite / Boehm / Silver plated keys / adjustable thumb rest / € 560,00 (4/15/2021)


Selmer 10S


Schwenk & Seggelke (Bamberg) 3000G 5290EU/6136EU


=> Thomann CL-17C / Leadwood / Boehm / Silver plated keys / $527


Woodwind C $459




BONUS: G Clarinets 


Amati 340S G German System from WWBW: http://www.wwbw.com/Amati-ACL-340S-German-G-Clarinet-464450-i1422546.wwbw   (no longer stocked)


Girnata G Albert System: http://gypsyclarinet.com/clarinet_in_G.html   (website is gone)


Stephen Fox G Boehm System: http://www.sfoxclarinets.com/G_clarinet.html


G German System sold by Lark In The Morning  (who made it?): http://www.larkinam.com/Clarinets.html   (no longer available)


Martin Foaghttp://www.musik-foag.de/


=> Hakam Din: https://hakamdin.com/Clarinets/G-Clarinet-Sol-klarinet-T%25C3%25BCrk-Klarnet


=> Orsi G clarinet (I don't believe these are still in production)



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